Life Untold

There’s something to say about happiness.

Happiness has its ups and downs, it ebbs and flows, day in and day out. Some people have a steady influx of happiness on a fairly regular basis, while others deal with the unsteady calamity of mood swings as often as we change our clothes. But that’s what happiness is, right? You learn to take the good with the bad, because without the bad, you wouldn’t learn to appreciate the good (or so I’ve been told).

Sometimes, there are the days where happiness is oozing out of your pores, and you can feel the smile thats permanently etched on your face. While other days you lay face down in a pillow questioning what happiness is, and if you’ll ever feel it again.

The happiness I’m referring to isn’t that feeling when you see a pup in a store window, or the feeling in your stomach after you have a delicious meal. This happiness is inside of you. This happiness is relative, and is different in every person on this planet.

What I’ve learned in my 24 years on this Earth, is that happiness is abstract. You cannot physically grasp it; it doesn’t come in the form of a person, or in a materialistic object. Happiness exists in the mind. In the psyche, if you will. It is only when we are in this state of inner happiness, that we reach the point of serenity within ourselves. When we are not in this state, we often feel anxious, angry or depressed.¬†We search for that happiness in other people, in things money can buy. But thats not where happiness derives.

It comes from you. It comes from within. It comes from realizing that you’re worth it no matter what, regardless of what your mind tells you. It comes from finding the good in yourself that you didn’t believe you had. It comes from the realization that you are here and you are alive.

You. Happiness starts and finishes with you. Nobody else. Just you. So take a deep breath, and begin your journey to find that happiness.



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