It’s a feeling, it’s an emotion, and it’s something we all experience at one point or another during the duration of our lives. The feeling does not necessarily change depending on the person, just the situation. Everyone feels disappointment in some capacity, whether it is that moment you find out you’ve failed a test that you’ve studied weeks for, or when your significant other breaks it off out of nowhere. Regardless of the situation, the feeling of disappointment has crept into our hearts and minds at least once since the moment we entered the world.

So what do we do about it? You can hold onto that feeling, or you can let it pass through you and continue on with your life. But that’s hard, I don’t know how to do that. Well, you learn. You learn to let things go as they come to you. How? Well, let’s refer back to my example. There’s the test you studied for, harder than any other test you’ve ever taken, but still managed to fail by one point. It’s disappointing because you spent countless hours understanding and memorizing the material, time that could have been spent working or going out with friends. But think about it in another way. Sure, you failed. But you can take it again, and this time you have an idea of the material to study from the last test. Maybe the next time you take the test you’ll pass with flying colors. Maybe it just wasn’t in the plan for you to pass this time because the next time you take it there will be a better opportunity waiting for you immediately after. That’s it. Take the disappointment you feel, and turn it into feeling something positive.

Now, maybe everyone hasn’t failed a test multiple times but we’ve all had our hearts broken a time or two. But what happened after the broken heart? You healed. You moved on. You began living again. It isn’t easy, guaranteed. The pain and disappointment you feel when its stemming from someone you love is undoubtedly one of the most heart wrenching feelings you will ever experience. When the one you have loved with all your heart and soul betrays the trust you have formed together, it is a feeling that cannot be replicated or easily forgotten. But you move on, you let the hard feelings go and you learn from the experience. Its difficult because you carry that around with you to every relationship after that experience. But the fact of the matter is, the disappointment you feel is because that person destroyed the expectation you had for them. You expected that this person would never hurt you, never leave you, or never stop loving you. But they did, and now you’re left to pick up the pieces. So that’s what you do. You pick up the pieces and begin living your life again. The disappointment caused from this person will not last forever, and it will subside as time goes on.

What I’m ultimately getting at is that disappointment is only a feeling. It’s an emotion. It is something we all feel, and it’s something we can all get past. Don’t let the feeling of disappointment manifest inside of you and create unbreakable walls. You’ve been disappointed before, but you get through it and continue on with your day. These experiences where you’ve felt disappointed have helped you get to where you are. They are just building blocks. So build your way up, and don’t let anything, including emotions, knock you down.


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