Adult Things

Sometimes I find it hard to figure out what life wants me to do. I feel as if I’m being pushed by the wind in one direction, then quick as a wink, I’m being pushed in the other. It doesn’t exactly make sense to me, but I’m working on figuring out what life has in store.

Certainly over the last 24 years I’ve come a long way, so I must have been doing something correctly. Although, I know I’ve made many mistakes in my past, I’d like to think I’ve matured in my mind set through each trial and tribulation I have faced. Like many of us, I went through the rebellious phase, the “I hate every one” phase, and the “I know everything” phase which was quickly followed by the “I actually know nothing” phase. Fortunately, these have all led me to the “I’m learning to be an adult” phase.

I have to admit, being an adult is not all it’s cracked up to be. Don’t get me wrong, the ability to go out to bars and… well no actually that’s it. I’ve really only found that being an adult is fun when you get to go out and do ‘adult’ things. Working 40 hours a week definitely isn’t a walk in the park, and having to pay for literally everything you want makes you quite the penny pincher after a while. You have to think about others when you make decisions because whatever you do, can and will affect someone else along the way. Being an adult also means that when something goes wrong, you have to take responsibility. You chose to date that person who screwed you over (again), You chose to drink one too many drinks and drive home, and You chose to stay up partying until 2am when you have to give a presentation at 8am.

There’s been times where I’ve said things and instantly regretted it the moment it came spilling out of my mouth. At that point, you have to take responsibility because that’s what an adult does.

Being an adult is a hard lesson to learn.

What’s even harder, is learning that just by virtue of being an ‘adult’ in the age sense, you’re not necessarily an adult.

Webster dictionary defines being an adult as being fully developed and mature. Now you may be thinking, I was fully developed at age 16. No. Not physically; fully developed and mature in the sense of mental capabilities and understanding. Just because you are of a certain age doesn’t necessarily mean you are mentally equipped to be considered an adult. There are 16 year olds who are being sentenced to life in adult prisons because they made adult decisions and took matters into their own hands. While on the other hand there are 40 year olds who still live in their parents basements because they haven’t matured enough to make decisions that will benefit them.

In my eyes, you are an adult when you are able to take responsibility for yourself, your actions and your thoughts. When you can make decisions, wise decisions that will benefit you or others on your own. But also, when you are able to be financially responsible. Having the will power to not spend $1200 on a LV bag but instead putting the money aside just in case your car breaks down or putting it in a savings account. Financial responsibility means  paying your bills on time, not splurging on silly items, and never having to borrow money from anyone.

If you are able to say you currently possess those characteristics, then you may be an adult. If not, then keep trying. I’m 24 and I’m still learning how to be an adult.

That’s what adults do, they keep trying and don’t give up when it gets tough.


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