This is an incredibly difficult aspect of life to deal with. Everything we do, day in and day out, requires patience. Cooking dinner, waiting to see if you nailed the job interview, having children, etc. It’s hard, not going to lie. I still haven’t even come close to mastering the art of being patient.

What baffles me is how some people have unlimited patience, and it’s as if nothing bothers them. Everything rolls of their shoulders and they are able to go throughout day positively and not show that something is bothering them inside.

I’ll be the first to admit, I have little to no patience in every day life. However, theres two places in my life that I’m required to have patience and it comes pretty easily. I work with adults with developmental disabilities and have for the last 12 years. I’m also in school to become an elementary education/special education teacher, therefore when I am in the classroom, I need to have patience when working with the children. But, in my life outside of these two areas, I go nuts when I’m forced to wait.

For example: I’m seeing someone who lives a few states over, and we only get to see one another on the weekends. Now, this isn’t a bad thing because it’s teaching me to have patience and not everything worth having comes at the drop of a hat, and lives within a 2 song driving distance. But when it’s only been a day since I last saw them and we have to wait another 5-6 days before we can see one another again, it kinda blows. I commend people who have been managing long distance relationships for years. I never would have taken myself for someone who could handle having a long distance relationship… But I am, successfully. What’s even more surprising is that I want to continue this. I want the FaceTime dates every other night, I want the random phone calls, I want the excitement in the pit of my stomach when I get the 5pm call on Friday saying “I’ll be there in 2ish hours” and knowing we’ll be together for the next 48 hours.

I guess when you find something that requires you to have patience, like your job or your relationship, you have it in you, no questions asked. It’s similar to how you can be full one moment but when someone says “we have dessert”, suddenly you have room in your stomach.

You have patience hidden in you, somewhere. I guess it just takes something special to bring it out in you.